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Braids, cornrows, twists, dreadlocks are hairstyles that we see on a day-to-day basis. Controversial discussions have taken place regarding if White people should wear these hairstyles. Still, these hairstyles are worn by a variety of people. What is interesting to learn is where exactly did these hairstyles come from. For people who don't understand why the Black community seem to be protective over these hairstyles, I hope this blog post will help their understanding of why these hairstyles are important to many Black people.

Plaiting and braiding hair can be seen in a variety of cultures including Native Americans, Chinese…

The Royal Mint and the Chancellor have recently announced a new 50p coin design that is to be released. The ‘We Too Built Britain ’ committee wanted to design a coin that represents and acknowledges Black and Brown people’s contributions to building Britain. I commend this idea, because their contributions to Britain’s wealth and power has been side-lined for too long.

The fact that Rishi, one of the most senior politicians in Britain, commissioned and approved the coin is also encouraging. Perhaps due to his own heritage, this investment is something that should be encouraged and welcomed. Some may think…

Neil Kenlock photography of a march through the streets of London.

Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Angela Davis, Stokely Carmichael and James Baldwin are just some of the most well known Black Power/Panther activists from America. What I didn’t know until late last year, was that Britain had its own Black Power Movement (BPM). My first thought and frustration was, why have I never learned this in school before considering my entire schooling and education has been in Britain? Why is the Russian Revolution deemed more important than history that was made on British soil?
As you can see, this revelation in history has caused a lot of questions. There…

The popular piece of 20th century history that saw the largest influx of Black people into Britain, was HMS Windrush that left the Caribbean in 1948. The ship brought over colonial subjects, that were coming to the “motherland” to support a weary post-war Britain. This wave of immigration alongside increasing numbers migrating from Africa and southern Asia, has shaped the multicultural Britain we know today.

While this period of history is important (my very existence would not be without this movement of Caribbean people to Britain), it does tend to mislead people’s understanding of Black history in Britain. Sometimes the…

Welcome to my blog

Image from Akinola Davies “Black to Life” video broadcast by the BBC

After studying history for three years, I have decided to use my skills and my love for history and channel it into this blog. This is my first time writing a blog, so please bear with me. I hope this will be an interesting and perhaps educational tool, that will shed light on the history of Black people and their role within world history that has largely been abandoned.

Throughout school, WWI and WWII were the main focuses of GCSE and A Level history. This narrow route of history was interesting and I enjoyed learning it…

Hollie English

Everything related to Black history

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